Weight Loss Retreats

Weight loss is one of the biggest health and wellness concerns in developed world and many people struggle with it. For those serious about weight loss and who have not had much luck with "serial dieting" or in shifting their eating and lifestyle habits, a weight loss retreat could be a great way to go in adressing weight loss issues.

A weight loss retreat can be an effective way of launching or helping to maintain a weight-loss regime. Dedicating focussed time to an issue is an excellent way of messaging to yourself that you mean business!

During a retreat, you get the all-important peer-support you need and individualised attention to your specific challenges. As well, you get new information, strategies and time to "practice" new initiatives like exercise regimes, food preparation, recipes and eating habits. Such intensive strategies can go a long way toward breaking old habits and establishing new, empowering ones.

All of these combine to enhance your motivation and drive to acheive your weight loss goals and to improve your health and wellness.