Types of Retreats

We often associate retreats with spirituality. The concept of retreats perhaps started within a spiritual context (monasteries and the monastic life could perhaps be thought of as a kind of on-going spiritual retreat). Indeed, many of the retreats offered today have a spiritual focus and I suppose any retreat can be spiritual if you bring that intent into it. However, retreats do not have to need to have spirituality as their main theme goal or purpose. A retreat can also be quite pragmatic with a practical goal as its purpose.

Many retreats could fall into a broader ”wellness” category aimed at simply enhancing the well-being of the participants in some way. These types of retreats can focus on anything from a health issue (such as weight-loss or stress management) to hobbies such as quilting or scrap-booking.

Increasingly, businesses are utilizing retreat formats to spend focused time working on a project or for “team building”. Thus the “corporate” or “Board” retreat is becoming more popular.

You can either find or invent an idea for practically any kind of retreat. Here are a few of the popular one’s (click on the title for more information on that particular retreat).

Meditation Retreats
Yoga Retreats
Church Retreats
Weight Loss Retreats
Spa Retreats
Detox Retreats
Marraige and Couples Retreats