Spiritual Paths


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Having a specific spiritual tradition, religion or "path" to that one follows is usually a central component of one's spiritual wellness. Not only does following a tradition provide a source of knowledge and guidance to assist progress along the spiritual path, but it also provides structure in the form of practices, rituals and seasonal events that help to weave spirituality within the fabric of day-to-day life. As well, being part of a spiritual tradition usually provides a community of like-minded others with whom to share your spirituality and which also helps support and facilitate spiritual practice and spiritual wellness. There are many choices of spiritual paths that will help guide the spiritual seeker. Many will find the more structured paths offered by traditional religions sufficient and appropriate to guide them. However for many others the traditional religions no longer "speak" to them or offer the kind of guidance and knowledge they feel they need for there personal spiritual journey. It is primarily to these latter group of seekers this section of "Spiritual Wellness" is directed.

There are many alternative spiritual paths that could be explored. This site is not intended to be a comprehensive inventory of these paths but rather will offer an exploration of what could be termed "mystical paths" which may be of interest to those looking for a deeper or perhaps a more individualistic connection with spirit.

The paths we will start with reflect some of the mystical traditions of the western world - which in fact are the "mystical" core of the traditional religions plus the newly emergent thread of the "pagan" or Earth-based spirituality (which was primarily suppressed in the Western world for many centuries).

These paths include:

Gnosticism (the mystic path of Christianity) Kabbala (the mystic path of Judaism) Sufism (the mystic path of Islam) Druidry and Wicca (the magical/mystical paths of earth-based spirituality)

As well we will explore the eastern path of Buddhism, which offers some variants within the tradition that may be of interest to the seeker on the mystical path.

These paths or traditions may not be of interest to all but hopefully they may at least offer a sample of some alternative spiritualities and provide a "jumping off" point for the reader to explore new paths that may be compatible with his or her interests and beliefs.

If one can find a compatible spiritual tradition it will provide a supportive, comforting and knowledgable framework that will form a solid foundation for your spiritual wellness.