Spa Retreats


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Spiritual Healing Power Program

This is perhaps the ultimate self-care and wellness retreat. A spa retreat focusses entirely on on YOU and your personal wellness, restoration and/or healing. Spa retreats often offer an array of exquisite wellness experiences such as massage, sauna's, hot tubs manicure/pedicures, and various exotic therapies (eg. healing or detoxifying hot-stone therapy, sound therapy, reiki, etc.)

Spa retreats will often include sessions in relaxation, yoga and meditation and usually include very healthy, well-prepared food. This may include special types of diets such as a detoxification diet or low-acid/high alkaline diet.

Spa retreats can be an excellent way to release stress and restore physical and psychological balance after a difficult or trying time, or just as a regular "tune-up" to keep body and mind well

Spa retreats can also be an excellent adjunct to treatment for a physical illness or as part of a recovery plan from a physical or mental illness or addiction.

Whatever the reason for embarking on one, a spa retreat can be an extremely enjoyable and wonderfully rejuvenating experience!