Detox Retreats

Detox (or Detoxification) retreats could be thought of as a special kind of spa retreat. A detox diet and program could be part of a spa retreat regime or a detox retreat could be a specialized "stand alone" focus of a retreat unto itself.

The idea of a detox retreat is to spend a period of time to detoxify the body - helping to reduce oreliminate "toxins" that have accumulated in the body over time. Toxins can include anything from environmental chemicals that we breath in or consume (eg. pesticides and herbicides found in food)to heavy metals and other toxic substances.

This is accomplished through following very specialized diets and/or fasting regimes throughout the retreat stay. Also, various froms of physical exercise (such as yoga, chi gung, tai chi brething excercises etc.) are often incorportated to facilitate the detoxification process.

Sometimes emotional or psychic toxins (such as stress, traumatic experiences etc.) are also targeted for elimination at the detox retreat too. This is accomplished through various stress-reducing therapies such as relaxation, massage, yoga, mediation and various forms of "talk therapies".

Regular detoxification is thought to enhance overall wellness and is beleived by many to prevent illness and to facilitate treatment and recovery from a wide range of chronic and accute illnesses.