Church Retreats

Church retreats have a variety of functions and purposes and target various segments of the congregation. For example, a retreat could be oranised for the church council or board, for married couples, or for youth. Each would have a different flavour and focus.

The purpose of a church retreat could be to focus on church development; to deepen understanding of prayer or scripture; to focus on a particular aspect of spirituality or for strengthening the social bond or cohesion between members (or all of the above of course).

Retreats have a wonderful way of creating strong bonds and friendships between members (like when you went to summer camp when you were a kid!). There is something about the intimacy of a retreat, where people live in close quarters to one another, eat together, laugh and share together, that deepens relationship and allows facilitates the opening to personal vulnerabilty, that is so necessary for true sharing to occur.

Church retreats can be a powerful and integral addition to church life and spiritual development.