Realize the Benefits of Retreats

Benefits of Retreats

The retreat experience has many benefits.

From a practical point of view, a retreat may be a great way to learn something new in a short period of time What could take weeks or months or even years through self-study or taking a course could be learned over the course of a week or a weekend through a retreat. This can be important during a time of busy lives and overwhelming demands where we just don’t have the time to commit to a course or extended learning experience. One of the great benefits of retreats is that you can accomplish things quickly!

As well as “compacting” a learning program into a short time frame, the retreat provides an intensity of experience that usually cannot be replicated in a more traditional learning program. This intensity can provide can help provide an enhancement of the learning experience as well as an enhanced retention of the material learned. Also, retreats tend to be “experiential”, allowing one to fully participate and explore the techniques being offered. Again, experiential learning is not as frequently encountered in traditional educational processes (which often occurs through a lecture format). Thus another of the benefits of retreats experience is that it suites people who’s learning styles are experiential, rather than visual/auditory based.

So retreats offer a very practical, efficient (in terms of both time and money) and effective way to learn something new or to develop and deepen skills and knowledge that you already have.

If you look beyond the purely pragmatic however, we can perhaps come to the true benefits of retreats. Simply put, retreats are good for you!

Retreats are restorative. They offer rest, renewal and nourishment for the spirit. They provide a “time out of time” away from the incessant demands of our day-to-day world. They allow us to slip out the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Through retreat we can go to a healing and sometimes magical place that we cannot experience in our “normal’ mundane world.

Retreats taken with others also allows us to build and experience community in a way not normally experienced. At retreat support, guidance, wisdom and humour are shared. We see and are seen by others with new eyes and a fresh aspect of us is allowed to emerge into the world. At retreat we are affirmed and encouraged and receive new energies and perspective to which to face the world.

Retreats need not be expensive or beyond one’s means. There are many possibilities and opportunities for retreats. One can simply dedicate a day, a weekend or a week to time by oneself –a “special’ space” dedicated valuing yourself. Or a retreat could be spent with a small group of friends at one person’s house, in a tent or in a cabin in the woods. The activity could be as simple as staying in silence or communing with nature. Or one could create a special sanctuary in one’s home and retreat for a few minutes or an hour when needed.

However if you have the means and the inclination, the possibilities for retreats are endless. There are a wide array of excellent retreats available that offer extraordinary experiences that are sure to enhance your life and renew your spirit.

Incorporating retreats into your life can be an important way of enhancing your spiritual wellness.