Support For You in Your Journey Toward Spiritual Wellness

Dispelling the Darkness

What is spiritual wellness? Simply put, it is living your life from the highest state of well-being possible. It is living life through a healthy and fulfilled spirit.

Although spiritual wellness is often seen as only one of the aspects of the “Seven Dimensions of Wellness” (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, environmental, social and occupational wellness)spiritual wellness can really be understood as encapsulating all of the other dimensions of wellness within it.

This is because spirituality or the “spirit” cannot be separated from any aspect of life. “Spirit” could perhaps be defined as the “essence” of life itself. So spiritual wellness is really about “life wellness”, which of course is about every dimension of life you live.

We are not going to go too broad on this website though and will stick closer to the theme of spiritual rather than the more mundane matters of life - from a wellness point of view. However it is sometimes helpful to sort life “here on earth” into three broad but interrelated categories in order to make things easier and more convenient to talk about – these categories being: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Or more commonly stated – “body, mind and spirit”.

So, although this site is dedicated to the general theme of spiritual wellness, we will talk about it in terms of the three categories of body, mind and spirit, in order to be more effective in helping you to focus on a particular aspect of your wellness and growth when you need it.

This website is really about helping you on your journey through life… which is ultimately a spiritual journey.

Think of us as a wellspring or “cauldron” of knowledge and inspiration where you can come to rest and renew yourself with new ideas, information, tools, and strategies that might help make your journey easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling.

Hopefully we can also be a companion of sorts, who will walk with you along the way in your spiritual wellness journey, sometimes sharing helpful ideas, sometimes listening and sometimes just having a laugh and enjoying the company!

Whatever your needs in your journey towards physical and emotional healing, spiritual wellness and “awakening”, we hope to be of some help and support.

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